Photomontage, Painting

My Life Story

This collection of fine art photos tells the story of my life – painting, carpet design, and photography.
It was my childhood dream to become a painter, a dream I pursued into my youth. In one of my works, I pictured myself between my drawing notebooks and the paintings I’ve worked on since I was six years old until I turned twenty-four.
Another piece in this collection, I pictured myself designing a carpet, reflecting the time I spent studying in that field, and enjoying learning its skills.
In another work, I surrounded myself by English language books, symbolizing the considerable time I dedicated to learning a second language.
Finally, the last picture, I captured myself among my photography equipment, representing where I currently reside and the chapter that fulfills my life’s purpose.
Throughout this photo collection, I have pictured myself among the things I love. My essence in four frames: photography, color, book, and art.