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Indian Women
Close-up portrait of Indian women, Taj Mahal, India - stock photo
Indian Women I was walking in the Taj Mahal, this beautiful historical place, when a group of Indian women dressed in colorful traditional clothes captured my attention. After exploring the white marble tomb, they were seating by the entrance, taking a moment to rest. I approached them and requested permission to take photos. Their vibrant ...
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Iranian People
Close-up portrait of Iranian boy standing in the village house - stock photo
Iranian People I took this series of portraits in one of the villages around Yazd, Iran. I used to visit this village for almost two weeks to shoot behind-the-scenes of a movie, which was the location of the filming. The locals would gather around to watch, and I photographed this collection in my spare time.
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Balck and White Portrait
Close-up portrait of Iranian woman - stock photo
Balck and White Portrait I took this series of black and white portrait in some of the villages around Yazd, Iran. I used to visit these villages sometimes when they had any traditional ceremonies. And although I used to go there to photograph ceremonies and traditions, portrait photography always occupied all my senses. The locals ...
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Self Portrait
Fineart Self Portrait
Self Portrait This is a collection of self-portraits and my emotions. Sometimes, I feel familiar with myself, while at others, I feel like a stranger within my own skin. After taking photos of myself and editing them, I decided to create a hole in one of my selfies for the future, and a face that ...
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